What People Are Saying

I first met Edith online and wondered if someone with so many credentials would be very warm or practical. But as I met her and she shared her stories of connecting with teens using dragon cards and puppets an all manner of things, her enthusiasm spread through the room.

This is one doctor who isn’t afraid to use all of her gifts to help you use all of yours.”


As a professional educator for over 30 years, I have always gained a great deal from each of the workshops or classes I have taken with Edith. I have always been impressed with her development of the objectives and curriculum for each class but also her ability to fine-tune the class to meet the needs of the participants. … One of her goals for each class is to help the participants learn what their needs are and to be able to take something from the class to use immediately to meet that need.”

Carol Phelps MS

“Edith possesses the knowledge of many learning modalities. She is especially adept at using teaching methods to facilitate an understanding of information being taught. I have experienced her gift of teaching both as a participant of a class and as an educator overseeing educational programs. She can teach as well as demonstrate how to use the information.”

Marilyn S Veselack, DA MS BMEd