Is This ME?

Do you struggle? Do you wonder how to manage your life with your abilities and limitations? Do you think you are not able to do “things”? Have you asked how to versus whether you can or can’t? Do you feel overwhelmed, fatigued, confused, frustrated, disappointed with your current experience in life? Do you want to be well, contented, engaged in life, managing the roller coaster of life?

“How To” Life Consultants, LLC

  • Creates opportunities for personal development.
  • Figures out “How To” engage in discovery and practice of individual wellbeing.
  • Facilitates you in your journey of being the best you and expressing yourself effectively with joy.
  • Provides strategies for how to know and be YOU! — mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually every day.


  • Provide resources, discussions, exercises here for your perusal and use on your own time.
  • No-cost teleseminars addressing the dilemma of being your vision of yourself.
  • Workshops (live and virtual) to explore in a step by step fashion the discovery and development of interests, talents, potential, wellbeing and health.
  • Retreats to immerse yourself in self-discovery and start the next steps on your journey of expression, contribution and living life fully.
  • Individual consultations to open the doors of opportunity
  • Presentations and keynotes to create a spark for enthusiasm for being, managing life’s challenges, and enjoying.

Explore the site, leave some comments, contact us with questions, and/or register for an event. Do it now, do it today! Independence and Community all in one.

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