You Think Differently with Dr Edith Johnston

This class is an opportunity for creative, high ability, curious, talented high school students to explore how you ‘think differently’ and discover your possibilities.

Discover what makes you tick, how you think differently, why things have you on edge, what your talents are, and how to make it all work.


Students will explore and gain understanding of:

1) Why I think the way I do – what makes me the way I am

2) Mixed messages – everyone tells me to do something different –what to do

3) Identify and learn how to develop what you do well or comes easily

4) How to have fun and get things done with what you do well

5) Making things happen with others

When:  On Your Own Time


Cost: $197

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Sessions Content:  

I Understanding

Session  1      A.  What Makes Me Different –

  • Genetics, Way of thinking (Neurology) Information and activities to understand biological and functional differences of being multi-talented
  • Characteristics of high ability and limitations:  Autism, LD, Intro to over excitabilities and sensitivities, emotional experiences, ways of seeing the world and gathering information – checklist

Session 2       B. What’s Important to Me

  • Basic needs – food, shelter, safety, companionship
  • Values – Identifying, ranking importance, changes in ranking through life span
  • Beliefs –what they are, source, reframing
  • Internal Drive – motivation, passions
  • Making Choices

Session 3       C.  What’s the World have to do with Me

  • Family
  • Culture – Community – World
  • Time in history
  • Resources
  • Choice

Cost:  $197

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II Overcoming

Session 4       A. Not Fitting In

  • Difficulty of fitting in among various groups
  • Emotional responses – highs, low, depression, hyper, lack of feeling, loneliness
  • Bullying

Session 5       B.  Intensity

  • Sensitivities of lights, sounds, touch, taste, others emotions
  • Emotions – ours – extremes, on the surface
  • Reactions and responses
  • Coping Strategies

Session 6       C.  Expectations

  • For ourselves
  • By Family and/or Society
  • Difference from needs and desires
  • Choice

Cost:  $197

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III Developing

Session 7       A.  How to Learn

  • What comes easy – everything?
  • What is difficult – challenging – to do or not to do
  • Learning Styles
  • Decision Making
  • Strategies for Learning

Session 8       B. High Abilities – Talents

  • Perfection à Excellence
  • Mastery – Practice, routines, flexibility, flow, creativity
  • Imposter Syndrome – nothing is good enough, what if I am found out

Session 9       C. Balance

  • Life Responsibilities – Roles in our lives – family member, student, worker, self
  • Health – Sleep, Food, Exercise, Rejuvenation, Thoughts, Feelings…
  • Dreams and Goals

Cost: $197

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IV Expressing

Session 10    A. Just for Me

  • What talents? – Skill and Interest assessments
  • Modes of expression – creativity, producing, work, pleasure, flow
  • Respect, responsibility, relationships

Session 11    B. For the World

  • Purpose – Vision
  • Problems to Solve – Injustices
  • World of work – occupation – entrepreneur

Cost:  $197

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V Connecting

Session 12    A. With Others like Me

  • Importance and Benefits
  • Finding – talents, interests, organizations, groups
  • Communication – less constraints – fit in

Session 13    B. With Others

  • Every day contacts
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership

Session 14    C. The Dots

  • Big Picture – connecting the different possibilities
  • Renaissance People – multiple ideas, talents, and expressions
  • What to do now

Cost:  $197

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Dr. Edith Johnston – The question is “How To” not whether we can or can’t.  Edith has worked with individuals and groups to discover a personal understanding and create the ‘how to’ for their personal development.  She provides tools, supports, insights in understanding, overcoming, developing, expressing, and connecting to experience your potential.  Her tool box includes energetics, visual, and creative methodologies to discover your personal story and develop a change in the story line.  She has extensive work in pain management (physical and emotional), disability adjustment, career development, and life event transitions.  She is a Licensed Counselor in Colorado  She offers individual counseling, groups, and workshops – live and virtual.  For more information on Dr. Edith Johnston visit her full website at 

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