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Speaking Engagements

Dr. J does presentations and keynotes on various subjects.  A sampling of topics: Being Gifted; Discover Your Talents & Abilities; Coping with High Abilities; Developing and Expressing Who You Are; Beyond Goal Setting; Emotional Balance; Drawing in the Light, Mandalas;  Breathing for Health; Jin Shin Acupressure


Let us help you identify the questions, provided the appropriate tools, to assist with the “How To” in the journey of life.  Every day is a new experience, a new beginning, a new challenge.  We can help with “How To” take the next step.  Life is full of mystery and magic, as are you. We can assist with the “How To” in finding and developing your own personal magic or mystery. 


An opportunity to immerse yourself into self discovery and self development resulting in a plan of action to achieve dreams and express your gifts.  Learn various tools like: mind mapping, backward flow charts, dealing with procrastination, success partnerships, and much more. 


Need to develop a program or modify a program to enhance the talents, abilities, and values of your students, staff, or employees – we can help.  Need some new ideas for increasing personal productivity, let us help with the “How To”. 


One on one skills development, feedback, guidance, for the “How To” in life.  We have all had questions that did not seem to have answers, or we were not sure where or how to find the answers. The first step is in clarifying the question. Then use some tools to explore the answers.  And in the journey we will know. Ideas and dreams are meant to be.  Gifts are meant to be expressed.  Start today. 

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