Identity and Magnificent Expression

Know yourself and create your desired outcomes

A psychoeducation therapy group
Edith D Johnston PhD LPC CRC

Thursdays 2-4 pm,  May 2nd – July 25 except July 4  2019

Young Life House – 1009 E 13th St, Delta, Colorado

A.  Understanding

Become aware of the many facets of who we are and the dynamics that have contributed to our molding.  Yet, know that these do not define us but are integrated within and we have choice.

Session 1)  Our biology – genetics, predisposition, personal characteristics, temperament, learning styles, communication styles.   Increasing our awareness of the what and how for who we are.

Session 2)  Defining what is important to us that guides/impacts our decisions and expression.  Values, beliefs, perspectives, filters, experiences …

Session 3)  Becoming aware of the impact of and how we have integrated information from:  family, culture, community, society, world, time in history, trends.

Through all to know we have choice and can integrate the many components consciously to create who we are.

B.  Overcoming

Looking at and assessing what is not working for us; what is our current reality; and deciding what we outcomes we desire.

Session 4)  Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, unworthiness, inability, out of our control, not fitting in.  Identifying the dynamics we experience within daily and how we express that externally.  Examine the thoughts and processes we are using for their effectiveness for what we desire.

Session 5)  The intensity, the overwhelm, the confusion, the reality of all those emotions.  What is it I am experiencing?  How exciting is it to experience the full spectrum of emotions?  What is the language of emotions?

Session 6)  Expectations and choice.  What expectations do I have for myself?  What are the expectations of others for me – parents, teachers, spouse, children, and society?  Those should dos that impact me.  Assess the expectations; are they in accordance to your values and your desired outcomes?  There is choice.

C.  Developing

Our life is a journey.  How do we develop mastery in living our life?  What are our desired outcomes?  What skill set do we need?  What will benefit us to learn, practice, master?

Session 7)  How to Learn.  What are my learning styles, my communication styles, my leadership styles?  What are the skills I need for decision making, coping strategies, and creating the life I want?

Session 8)  What talents, abilities, passions, resources, attributes, characteristics, and mindset do I have that I can use and further develop to create the desired outcomes in my life.

Session 9)  Balance in life.  Managing stress, the various roles required, dreams, turbulence, success, demands, wants.   Techniques of organization, stress release, and focus of health.

D.  Expressing

What are the desired outcomes I have?  How do I express them for myself? How do I express them for the world – my family, friends, community and beyond?

Session 10)  How do I express my individual creativity to satisfy my personal needs?  How do I make my desired impact on the world?  Defining what that, creating the vision you want, and drawing the road map to have that vision become a reality.

F.  Connecting

We are human beings.  We are social beings.  We need to connect.  How can we be effective in our connections and what tools of interaction and communication do we need.

Session 11)  Connecting with ourselves is what we have explored so far.  How do we find and connect with others like us to know we are not alone and grow?  How can we be effective in this communication?

Session 12)  Connecting with others – we come in contact with a variety of people every day – face to face and virtually.  How can we be effective in our connections and interactions that support our desired outcomes for our lives?   How do we connect the big picture of our lives, make our desired outcomes part of our daily reality?

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