Adjusting To Engage Multi-Talents in the World

  There is this internal drive to make things better in the world.  We see connections galore and a big picture.  We see solutions, possibilities, and options that can make a difference.  By engaging our multi-talents we can contribute to the world. We adjust to the potential we have.  We adjust to what is necessary […]

Adjusting–Expressing Me for Me

  We hear so often that to do for ourselves is selfish.  Or, we hear not to share our talents with the world is selfish.  This is a myth. We need to adjust our perspective that expressing for self is OK.  Expression of our talents is important for our being.  Expression in private brings joy […]

All the World’s a Stage and I’m a Player – LOL

What performance will we enact today?  We have many talents and many passions.  The world has many problems and enjoys the expression of all the arts.  We have choices in our expression and responsibility.  The world needs the express of our talents and passions. As we enact the current performance it may not be perfect; […]

Really Just for Me – LOL

  We have so many things we want to explore.  We are drawn to create in whatever format our talents lay.  However, we may for our own reasons want to keep the creation for ourselves.  Putting it out into the worlds is not our preference. Or we may have a good enough job and for […]

Expressing as a Multi-Talent

  Expressing our talents for ourselves and for the world at large.  We can contribute for our own personal satisfaction and/or to improve the world and provide joy. Expressing our talents is a necessity for our well being.  We can express just for ourselves for personal expression and enjoyment.   We can also express ourselves […]

Expressing for the World – Thinking It Through

Expressing our multi-talents is a vital part of who we are.  Expressing for the world is in part a responsibility.  Expressing for the world may also meet some of our other desires; such as, recognition.  In additions some expression involves interaction with others to be of service or to present.  Expressing for the world is […]