Going Beyond Mediocrity

Are you mediocre in your approach to work and life?  Do you manage to do just enough to get by?  Do you maintain the ordinary and blend in with the crowd?  Do you want to go beyond mediocrity?  There are problems and needs in the world galore.  Each of us has talents and abilities.  History […]

Why do I need to learn, I’m smart?

  Here is a conversation with Dr. Edith Johnston on Why Do I need to learn, I’m Smart?  Exploring how we leap from one idea to another.  How we have the answer and do not know how we got it.  Why it is important to learn to integrate various skills and knowledge.  Why learning how […]

Not Enough Time or Me – LOL

There is not enough time or enough of me to handle everything in my life.  With all my passions, emotions, and responsibilities, there just is not enough to go around. Have you ever said that?  We think we can do it all and do it all by ourselves.  We also think we need to do […]

Multi-Talented, What’s Next? –LOL

We have many talents, abilities, gifts and interests.  These all come naturally.  To further develop and explore our talents we need stimulus, resources, practice and application.  To experience excellence and move forward on the journey of mastery requires a dedication and deliberate action to our talents and passions. We will need to laugh at all […]

Of Course, I Know That – LOL

We are able to gather and process a great amount of data.  We are able to create solutions, theories, stories, art, or music.  We do any and all of this easily.  So, of course, we know that. However, what happens when we bump up against something that does not come easy?  Everything we know and […]

Developing as a Multi-Talent

  Developing involves growth, creativity and abundance. We need to learn how to learn to increase skills that do not come easy. We develop our talents from natural ability to well honed skills demonstrating the ever growing mastery. We realize with all we take in and all we do that fluid balance must be part […]