Thinking It Through

 The Many Aspects of Being



From the Intro:  We will be approaching each aspect of being a multi-talent by thinking it through.  Sometimes it is hard to see the forest through the trees.  There are times we do not see ourselves clearly or the impact we have, because we are literally in the middle of it.  We need to get a different perspective.  To help us do that we will be using DeBono’s Thinking Hats to approach each facet of being a multi-talent.

Sample page:

Overcoming the Intensity – Thinking It Through

We experience life with intensity.  We live intensely. And we express with intensity.  This includes how we experience our environment.  We take in more sensual cues and information which can enhance our experience or surpass our tolerances.  We feel the full spectrum of emotions intensely and then our expression is expansive.  This can result in a reaction from us and others as ‘too much’. This is our normal.  We have a choice in the expression.  We can learn to manage the intensity.

Put your DeBono Thinking Hats on!

White Hat – What are the Facts:

Intensity is the basic stuff we are made of.  Our brains are like sponges that absorb everything around us and then can be wrung out with a gush.  Our brains make vast number of connections in a rapid fashion.  This is greater than the average brain and is our normal neurological function.  Our brains have greater connections between the left and right sides which integrates logic and emotions.

Our bodies are very sensitive to lights, sounds, smells, touch, crowds, and our environment in general.   We need to be aware of the effects on our bodies and adapt accordingly for health, comfort and function.

What is your knowledge of how intensity is neurologically a part of you?

Red Hat – Emotionally

We are emotional.  That is part of the intensity.  We go from highs to lows in the drop of a hat.  There is not an emotion we do not experience.  Every emotion is a laser focus of the moment.  Yes we wear our emotions on our sleeves and very deep within.  Emotionally the intensity can be overwhelming and draining.  We can also wonder why they don’t get us or it.  Emotionally we can experience both pleasure and frustration from the environment because of our sensitivity.  Emotionally we need to be aware of our feelings and utilize emotional intelligence.

What is your experience emotionally with your intensity?

Black Hat – Caution, serious, and weaknesses

Our intensity in of its self can be considered a strength or a weakness.  We need to be cautious in our expression as it does impact our relationships with others.  We have choices in our reactions and need to take our personal responsibility seriously.  We need not hide our emotions, sensitivity or intensity, yet we need to be conscientious of how we present ourselves in various situations.  We have the ability to discern what will work in different situations for us and for all concerned.  We can assert our intelligence (mental and emotional) to further positive outcomes.

We also need to be aware for self-care of our needs for balance, refueling, protection, and expression of our talents.  We can benefit from having a center point, a calm refuse (imaginary or real), and/or a way to ground.  We can self-manage for our well-being.

What do you see as the cautions for intensity?

Yellow Hat – Optimistic, positive

All the colors are so bright and vivid in the world around us and in our imagination too.  Life’s experiences are so exuberant.  Our connections with nature and other people are exquisite.  With all the information we absorb, ideas come galore.  There are so many fascinating things to explore.

What is your experience in the joy of intensity and sensitivity?

Green Hat– Abundance, growth, creativity

Our insatiable curiosity with the intense focus brings marvelous adventures and learning.  We are able to see the various dots that can be connected with simple steps or with great leaps.  The search and integration of all the information: fuels ideas, solutions, and opportunities.  We can create with passion.

What does your intensity bring to your growth and creativity?

Blue Hat – Control, organization, collaboration of all the hats

Intensity and Control – is that an oxymoron?  Control is not about tight constraints.  It is about tools that manage the intensity and the sensitivity to let us function in the manner we desire and that is effective.  We want to experience the intensity as that is who we are.  We need to be aware that we are intense.  We need to understand the specifics of our intensity and our sensitivities.  We need to choose our reaction and action to and with our intensity.  We want to have the joy of the experiences and minimize the devastation.  We need to realize the rainbow experience involves the rain, the storm clouds and the sun.

What will be your action / reaction with your intensity?