Perspectives – Be Aware, Make a Choice

When we feel like we are in a rut or up against a brick wall, we can take a closer look and make a new choice.  The saying goes; if you keep doing the same thing do not expect the results to be different.  Also, if there is that feeling things are not fitting correctly, […]

At My Wits End

Everyone expects everything of me.  I expect everything of me.  Not only is there the normal routine, but now there is the holiday demands.  STOP!  Let me off this merry-go-round. Ok, now that is out of my system, what’s next?  What is the joy for me at this time of year?  What needs to be […]

Managing the deluge of the Holidays

We are in the midst of the holidays.  We have had Black Friday and Cyber Monday and somewhere in there was Thanksgiving.  The countdown to Christmas began in July.  Now it is the time for all our own personal expectations to kick in.  We can become overwhelmed and haggard.  What to do? Back to basics; […]

More than enough emotions: What to do?

Life events and holidays create times of high emotions for us and for the gatherings we attend.  We are sensitive and have lots of emotions to begin with.  Then there is the gathering which adds the emotions of all those around us.  Whether it be grief or joy the intensity of emotions can be overwhelming.  […]

Have you had your Daily Dose of Play?

Play:  to engage in an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. We are serious, passionate, dedicated people.  We want to ensure justice and solutions for the world problems.  We are high energy and doers of many things.  To fuel all this we need rest, relaxation and play. Play creates […]

Creating the Pause

Our minds run rapid with ideas, thoughts, opinions, perspective, etc.  We may be reliving a past experience, planning for the future, and doing a routine task in the present.  Are we aware of how we are feeling?  Are we aware of our current attitude?  Do we really know what we are doing? Many times we […]