Adjusting with the Big Picture in Mind

    Whether our day to day focus is in the details or the long term vision, we need to periodically adjust to the Big Picture.  Our awareness adjusts to include what is going on in the world at large.  The view goes beyond our little world. We can have a big picture perspective with […]

Adjusting Communication to Connect with Others

We are talented.  We are brilliant.  And yet at times we do not apply those abilities to communicate effectively with others. We have minds that race.  We have ideas galore.  We can see options for the big picture almost instantaneously.  However, others do not follow our line of thinking. To connect with others we need […]

Figuring out the “How To” in Life

  Let’s figure out the ‘how to’ for the next step forward on the journey of life.  Whether one is experiencing a life transition, the quagmire of chronic pain, uncertainty of making dreams a reality; we can assess abilities, strengths, skills, and values and discover options for living life fully.  With understanding of ourselves, overcoming […]

Adjusting to Connect with Like Minds

  Multi-Talents can experience the feeling of isolation; not being understood by anyone; and not being able to relate in general conversations.  It is important to identify and connect with like minds. Finding like minds takes adjusting the usual withdrawing from people tendencies.  There needs to be a conscious search for like minds.  This search, […]

Adjusting To Engage Multi-Talents in the World

  There is this internal drive to make things better in the world.  We see connections galore and a big picture.  We see solutions, possibilities, and options that can make a difference.  By engaging our multi-talents we can contribute to the world. We adjust to the potential we have.  We adjust to what is necessary […]

Adjusting–Expressing Me for Me

  We hear so often that to do for ourselves is selfish.  Or, we hear not to share our talents with the world is selfish.  This is a myth. We need to adjust our perspective that expressing for self is OK.  Expression of our talents is important for our being.  Expression in private brings joy […]