Increasing Desired Outcomes with Coaching

We like to be productive individuals.  When circumstances change for us through life events, such as; a brain injury or chronic pain – our productivity is affected.   Our desired outcome of completing tasks or contributing to the household or at work is impacted.  Our go to method of pushing through does not work well.  We […]

The Brain, the Mind, Cognition– Head Injury, Chronic Pain

Multi-talents gain an awareness of being different and that their minds do not work the same as others.  When high ability cognitive processes are impacted with a head injury or chronic pain many times it is not recognized or acknowledged.  The individual with the experience KNOWS that his/her brain is not functioning the same as […]

Pain is the Messenger

Pain is not a necessity.  Pain is the messenger.  Pain lets us know that things are not working well – health, relationships, movement towards goals, decisions, environments, etc.  When we do not listen to the messenger, the message gets louder, the pain increases.  Experiencing pain is an indication to stop, look, and listen.  Yes, it […]