All the World’s a Stage and I’m a Player – LOL

What performance will we enact today?  We have many talents and many passions.  The world has many problems and enjoys the expression of all the arts.  We have choices in our expression and responsibility.  The world needs the express of our talents and passions. As we enact the current performance it may not be perfect; […]

Fitting In – LOL

We often see and are told we are different, weird, nerdy, geeky, “too much” and so forth.  This leads to trying to fit in, dumbing down, being mediocre, or being the “class clown”.  We either try to hide our differences or use them in humorous ways, both to be included. We get a lot of […]

Family, Culture, Place and Time – LOL

Our families, culture, and place/time we live contribute to who we are.  Experiencing fun times with family and friends can bring laughter throughout the years.  Then there are the moments we goofed, flopped, failed, or embarrassed ourselves.  These too, can bring laughter if not in the moment, a little later.  Shared laughter is healing, stress […]