The Language of Joyful with Acey & Tyro

Joy can be beaming from ear to ear in a wide grin.  Joy can have us doing a celebration dance.  Joy can be an energetic expression of delight.  There are times with our intense exuberant expression we overwhelm those around us.  Joy is a stimulating experience of energy, creativity, and playfulness.  It can also bring […]

Joy of the Season with Acey & Tyro

May you experience the joy of the season today and everyday.  As you meet and interact with family, friends, and all others may you experience joy.  May your life be filled with joy. From Acey, Tyro and Dr. Edith  

Joy of the Season

As days now grow longer and we celebrate the special joy of the season,  May your light shine also  from out of the darkness and be shared with the world.  

The Child Within

The Child is buried within.  Oh how that child wants to dance and sing.  The child jumps and shouts.  The child sits in a corner.  How the child wants to come out and play today. We hear a lot about the inner child; the need to listen to the inner child; the wisdom of the […]

Pain is the Messenger

Pain is not a necessity.  Pain is the messenger.  Pain lets us know that things are not working well – health, relationships, movement towards goals, decisions, environments, etc.  When we do not listen to the messenger, the message gets louder, the pain increases.  Experiencing pain is an indication to stop, look, and listen.  Yes, it […]