High Intellect and Brain Injury

Mine is not a personnel experience but as a professional. What has happened usually is someone is experiencing chronic pain, extreme fatigue or significant depression and is referred.  The medical providers refer because of lack of progress in returning to expected functioning level relative to physical evaluation and diagnosis. The process then begins by discovering […]

Thinking It Through

We are ready to start a new series.  We will be approaching each aspect of being a multi-talent by thinking it through.  Sometimes it is hard to see the forest through the trees.  There are times we do not see ourselves clearly or the impact we have, because we are literally in the middle of […]

Women Making the Most of Being Smart- that’s intelligent!

Thinking is the ultimate human resource.  However when thinking we try to do too much – emotions, information, logic, hope, and creativity all crowd in on us.  To help us sort through all these aspects involved with our thinking, let’s us De Bono’s Thinking Hats. As a refresher or an intro here is a summary […]

Smart, what is there to develop?

We can have intelligence in many areas and outstanding abilities in one or more.  It does not mean our expression is well developed.  An obvious example is music is your talent and piano is your instrument.  Practice and development of the talent to master the skill for a desired expression is necessary.  Immersing ourselves in […]

Are You Special?

Well are you breathing? That is the first test. You will notice I did not ask – do you know how to breathe – that is a discussion for another time. Since you are breathing, YES, you are special. I know that is a cliché – you are special, you are unique. However, it is […]

The Way I Think is Different.

The way I think is different. No one understands. My mind wanders – bouncing from one idea to another – one topic to another. I can see how many things can fit together that do not seem related. I can understand multiple perspectives and translate an idea so each person/entity can understand the idea from […]