Adjusting Communication to Connect with Others

We are talented.  We are brilliant.  And yet at times we do not apply those abilities to communicate effectively with others. We have minds that race.  We have ideas galore.  We can see options for the big picture almost instantaneously.  However, others do not follow our line of thinking. To connect with others we need […]

Adjusting to Connect with Like Minds

  Multi-Talents can experience the feeling of isolation; not being understood by anyone; and not being able to relate in general conversations.  It is important to identify and connect with like minds. Finding like minds takes adjusting the usual withdrawing from people tendencies.  There needs to be a conscious search for like minds.  This search, […]

Adjusting Expectations

  Expectation: A strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future A belief that someone will or should achieve something The act or state of looking forward or anticipating Assumption, belief, destiny, possibility, intention, presumption, likelihood    Expectations?????? Expectations can motivate us or discourage us.  Expectations come from within and without.  […]

Adjusting – “Feeling Lost”

  Inside we feel out of sync. We feel we don’t fit in. We have a void or are on the brink of an abyss. We know there is more. We question the meaning of life. We feel lost to ourselves and lost among others.   How do we adjust to such deep feelings?   […]

Have you a special someone?

When it comes to be gifted and connecting with a significant other there are a variety of challenges.  However, there is also great joy.  As in any relationship, communication is paramount.  Another dynamic that matters is knowing ourselves.  We are intense, emotional, sensitive, empathic, driven, passionate, perfectionists, and human.  We desire an ideal relationship of […]

Overcoming the Void – Thinking It Through

We experience feeling of being weird, different, misfits, out of sync, overwhelmed, devastation, loneliness, frustration, emptiness, and yet life goes on.  The intensity of the experience leaves us wondering why and is it worth it?  The pain can exist as a nagging uncomfortableness to an incapacitating paralysis.  Yet a part of us knows life is […]