An Inner Journey

When we set out to explore our inner realm, many times words escape us; verbal understanding can be hard to come by – and if you are a teenager there is no reference point and it is like going into a very thick fog. Rather than purse the journey with words we can see what […]

Adjusting – Oh Yeah! That’s Intense

  The brightness of colors everywhere The melodies and counterpoints in nature and everyday hustle The joy and the sadness The delight and disappointment The passion and the void The engagement and the withdrawal Each and every experience has its own degree of intensity. “Too much” says the little voice within and on the air. […]

Adjusting – “Feeling Lost”

  Inside we feel out of sync. We feel we don’t fit in. We have a void or are on the brink of an abyss. We know there is more. We question the meaning of life. We feel lost to ourselves and lost among others.   How do we adjust to such deep feelings?   […]

Not Perfection

Strive for Excellence Not Perfection Respect the Completion

Joy Sorrow

Joy and Exuberance abound Sorrow and Devastation constantly lurk That is who we are as Multi-Talents Share your experience.  Leave a comment.  Let’s connect.

The Language of Powerful with Acey & Tyro

Powerful emotions lead to strength internally and interpersonally.  Our feelings of hope, appreciation, respect, pride, and importance provide opportunity for growth.  We approach life with confidence, intelligence, value, satisfaction and good cheer. Yes, there is a full spectrum of these emotions which can swing towards egocentric and thus result in the expression of the Mad […]