Grief and Identity Changes

Who am I seems to be a question that feels elusive like a squirrel chasing its tail. On the other hand we think / say we know ourselves so well. Then there is a significant situation, experience, change in our lives and it’s like starting all over again. The incident that has the significant impact […]

Ask Me: Is there something wrong with me?

    “Know that our idiosyncrasies are part of our norm.” Edith Johnston PhD LPC   When we ask “is something wrong with me,” we are usually looking at a “disease” process; something that needs to be “fixed”; or not being “normal”. Normal is defined as:  conforming to a standard, type or regular pattern; being […]

Smart, but so hard to overcome

Too much to overcome.  Feeling lost and alone.  There is so much chaos and pain.  Every day is a roller coaster of emotions and sensations.  Then the expectations rain down. Being multi-talented means experiencing everything with intensity and extremes.  It is part of who we are.  It is also the part that results in discomfort […]

Overcoming the inside and outside stuff

Inside is such a place of chaos.  It is a place of facing an abyss without any safety ropes.  Inside varies vastly in its temperature from very cold to very hot.  Inside is so isolating and yet so cozy comfortable.  Inside can feel like a void or be so overwhelming full.  Inside comes bursting out […]

Oh No, Here Comes those Positive Feelings Again

Do you experience swinging emotions?  Do you shy away from the happy ones? Experiencing a roller coaster of emotions can be exhilarating or exhausting or both.  Each emotion is lived in vivid color with intensity.  The feelings are extreme.  Peoples responses are you are “too much”.  Mental Health concerns arise of manic or depressive out […]

Devoid of the Void

Do you feel like you are swimming in a deep dark pool of nothingness? When confronted with not fitting in; feeling weird and out of sync; not being able to connect with others; and/or feeling total chaos/confusion – we can go to a black hole.  We experience the void; a complete emptiness; unfulfilled existence; life […]