Ask Me: Why can’t I fit in or make friends?

    “Being different, not fitting in is part of our life adventure.  The next step is ours to choose.” Edith D Johnston PhD LPC Feeling like I am different, weird, out of sync with the world, too much or unique:  is a day in day out experience.  For myself, I am an ambivert.  I […]

Can We Communicate? LOL

We come in contact with a variety of people every day.  Our communication skills are tested regularly.  Putting our foot in our mouth can be a regular occurrence.  We can also shake our heads at others conversations.  Either way it creates laughable situations. Interacting with others can be a challenge and not our favorite thing.  […]

Being different as a Multi-Talent – LOL

Our humor is one of our differences.  We enjoy play on words.  We can laugh at the absurdity of a situation.  As a form of self-defense and to fit in we will many times make jokes about ourselves.  The fact is many times others do not ‘get’ our humor. We can also use humor and […]

Taoism and Connecting with Others

Our daily lives are filled with interacting with others at work, home, in the community and across virtual settings.  We are misunderstood and misunderstand frequently because of how our brain and emotions function.  .  We have a fast paced thought pattern and fervent emotional experiences.   However, we have the ability to learn communication skills and […]

Taoism and Connecting with Others Like Me

  As Multi-Talents many times we experience aloneness because finding others that are like us and can relate to our various unique characteristics that are our norm is challenging.  When you look at the numbers with our intelligence and creativity being on the upper end of the bell curve, we are not a dime a […]