A New Look on Life

Literally I have just had cataract surgery.  I have gone from seeing 2 fingers at six feet to 20/40 vision in my left eye.  My right eye had been doing all the work.  The depth and breadth of vision is mine again. I find a new look on life is an experience every morning.  Some […]

Adjusting for Balance

  Chaos exists in life and within our own being.  That being the intensity and excitability of our own make up.  The desire for stimulus and many interests adds to the chaos.  The intention to have things perfect contributes.  The drive to make a difference in the world weighs heavily.  The caring and sensitivity to […]

Not Enough Time or Me – LOL

There is not enough time or enough of me to handle everything in my life.  With all my passions, emotions, and responsibilities, there just is not enough to go around. Have you ever said that?  We think we can do it all and do it all by ourselves.  We also think we need to do […]

Creating the Pause

Our minds run rapid with ideas, thoughts, opinions, perspective, etc.  We may be reliving a past experience, planning for the future, and doing a routine task in the present.  Are we aware of how we are feeling?  Are we aware of our current attitude?  Do we really know what we are doing? Many times we […]

Have You Done a Check Up Recently?

A check up from the neck up or from head to toes and everything in between? Recently we looked at the Roles of our life and managing them. This involved looking at our values, what is important to us and deciding what roles we wanted to play for our life story.  In addition, to the […]

Balance and Routine

Does everything seem chaotic?  Does it seem like there is too much to do and not enough time?  Do you have an established routine and yet still something seems to be missing?  Do you realize that balance is a fluid state versus a stagnant state?  Do you have your big picture clearly in mind? Calendars, […]