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Thinking It Through
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Thinking It Through:  The Many Aspects of Being Multi-Talented:   (a 31 page PDF ebook)  We will be approaching each aspect of being a multi-talent by thinking it through.  Sometimes it is hard to see the forest through the trees.  There are times we do not see ourselves clearly or the impact we have, because we are literally in the middle of it.  We need to get a different perspective.  To help us do that we will be using DeBono’s Thinking Hats to approach each facet of being a multi-talent.

Taoism & MultiTalented
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Taoism and the Multi-Talented: (an 18-page PDF ebook) As a multi-talent we have many facets and yet we are one individual.  Taoism is about simply accepting yourself.  Discover who you are.  Your nature is ever changing and is always the same.   You experience many contradictions within yourself.   Do not try to resolve the contradictions; instead learn to accept your nature.  Taoism is the acceptance of your life.

MultiTalented & Laugh
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Be Multi-Talented and Laugh(a 15 page PDF ebook)  Explore being multi-talented with laughter and humor.  Have Lots Of Laughs and Laugh Out Loud.  Gain a Love Of Laughter and Loving Ourselves with Laughter.  Smile through understanding, overcoming, developing, expression and connecting as a Multi-Talent.

Multi-Talent & Clean Language
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Aspects of a Multi-Talent : Reflect on Being a Multi-Talent with Clean Language:  (a 15 page PDF ebook) This is an exploration of understanding, overcoming, developing, expressing and connecting as a Multi-Talent using questions that minimize the biases in the asking and let you delve deeply into who you are.

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Multi-talents MIA | Beyond Mediocrity  This is an audio program that explores the Many Facets of a Multi-Talent; how to Get Beyond the Barriers; strategies for Stepping up to the Plate; being the Real McCoy; and connects with Hey World I’m Here.  It is a guide for Multi-Talents to go from letting life happen to discovering and expressing their talents with exuberance.

Teleclass Series: Understanding, Overcoming, Developing, Expressing, and Connecting (FREE 32 page PDF ebook as a Thank You for signing up for the newletter)  This is a collection of discussions on facets of Personal Development for Multi-Talented Individuals with tools to use along the journey. Sign up for the newsletter and receive today!

Myriad of Ideas 2
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A Myriad of Ideas : Personal Development for Multi-Talented Individuals (a 70 page PDF ebook).  This book provides you with “The Data” using exerts of resources on the challenges of high abilities.  It gives a personal story in  “The Experience”  of the challenges.  Then leads the way for your own introspection and growth through “The Quest”.  This is a tool for acknowledging and expressing your multi-talents.

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Discovering the Intensity of Brillance: A Mandala Journey (a 97 page Book).  This is a journal from 1994-2009 of Mandalas drawn to express and explore questions and life experience.  It is a visual dialogue with Self of a multi-talented individual.  The Cornell method of drawing sacred circle art on black paper with white pencils, symbolizing drawing in the lights is explained so you can delve into your own journey.

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I am greater than or equal to Magnificent Expression

I > ME

Your mind moves so fast, literally with rapid fire neuro-synapses. You have many ideas, connect a wide variety of concepts, and make leaps in understanding.  Your connections may be accurate or inaccurate.  Your brain definitely works differently.  You have difficulty relating to others.

You have experienced accomplishments and achievements, as well as failures and times of not meeting your own standards. You have much you want to do and much left undone. You have stood out and succeeded, as well as been hidden away and dumbed down.  All of this is part of the everyday life of the multi-talented.

Gifted, Talented, Exceptional, Genius – these are words that may have been used to describe you and your abilities. On hearing these descriptors, at times you feel confident and even elated; at other times you feel utterly incompetent and you want to disappear.
What are your options beyond the frustrations, confusion, disappointments and pain to a reality of expression and experience of your genius?

Dr. Johnston takes you through her own Journey that involves achievements and failures, passion and depression, confusion and clarity.  Using her experiences as a reference point, she provides you with tools to map your own journey and express yourself.  She creates an environment for you to lead and share with your community. Come explore the mystery and the magic of your unique gifts with Dr. Johnston.

Table of Contents


What Makes Me Different? [ Characteristics of being gifted and how that applies to me. ]

What’s Important to Me? [ My internal driving forces, values, beliefs, needs and the impact or choice. ]

What’s the World Have to Do with Me? [ My family, culture, community and place in history have an impact. I have choice.]


The Void…. [I don’t fit in. I’m not weird. Mediocrity is not the answer. It’s important to be me. ]

The Intensity…. [ Life is exciting. There are things to be excited about that need change. I sense and feel the world. ]

The Expectations…. [ It needs to be perfect or it is not complete. Doing my best doesn’t seem to matter. You can do great things and without any help. ]


How to Learn [ The skills I need to make decisions, cope, and create.]

High Abilities, Talents, Gifts [ To increase and grow in my abilities requires stimulation, resources,practice and application. ]

Balance [ With the rapid pace of my mind and life balancing my various responsibilities, stress, play,desires, meaning and quiet are key to developing me. ]


Just for Me [ The magic and mystery of why my experience is, what I sense and know, to convey that experience in all it glory is enough. ]

For the World [ My contributions are needed for improving the world and providing joy. ]


With Others Like Me [ The need to have others I can relate to and they with me is a necessity. Currently expressed, as finding my tribe. ]

With Others [ To be part of a community I need to have skills to relate to others with mutual respect. Being able to relate is a means to allow and be allowed to be ourselves. ]

The Dots… [ Within me, within the world, there are patterns like a kaleidoscope changing, intertwined and connected. ]