Multi-talents MIA | Beyond Mediocrity

This is an audio program that explores the Many Facets of a Multi-Talent; how to Get Beyond the Barriers; strategies for Stepping up to the Plate; being the Real McCoy; and connects with Hey World I’m Here.  It is a guide for Multi-Talents to go from letting life happen to discovering and expressing their talents with exuberance.

Table of Contents

I.  The Many Facets of a Multi-Talent

What’s in the Genes?

Personal Make-Up

Environmental Factors

II.  Getting Beyond the Barriers

Not Fitting In

High Maintenance

The Shoulds

III.  Stepping up to the Plate

Skills Beyond Talents


Remember Play

IV.  The Real McCoy

The flow – the Exuberance

Contributing  Beauty and Solutions

V.  Hey World I’m Here

Like Minds

All the rest

Big Picture

A guide and exploration that will lead you on a personal adventure.  A step to exploring you and stepping out beyond mediocrity.

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