Discovering the Intensity of Brilliance | A Mandala Journey

Come with me on a cosmic journey – a journey of expansion, self discovery, and possibility through the sacred art of Mandalas. 

This book is part of my journey of self-discovery as a multi-talented individual.  Come journey with me.  This is not my experience alone.  It is for you as well – to experience, discover, follow your own transformational experience on the roller coaster of life.

A page from the book.

Healing Feelings — the healing is in the details.  Nurture through nature.  The cycles of life and freedom of flight ride on the wind of life as a seed and a dragonfly.

The Intensity of Brilliance takes the reader on an experiential journey into the Self.  In a world where the message of awakening is reaching a crescendo, this little volume provides an inspiring road map using the ancient are of Mandalas.

Eroca Rennie, author of

“How to Release the Butterfly – A Journey of Emergence”

From the back cover:

You will delight in the most minuscule discovery or experience as you learn what it means to live with true intensity as the brilliance of your being is freed and radiates out into the world through the gifts of multi-talents you have been given.  Within each of us lies a hidden purpose that gives meaning to the lives we live.  Most of us experience life on the surface.  We spend each moment caught up in the flurry of activities that consume our days.  As we navigate through our “big picture” experience, we are controlled by the intensity of emotion that we encounter as a result of each individual experience.  

These can lift us to great heights, but just as abruptly, plunge us into the blackest depths.  The first step in this sacred journey is the realization that somewhere within this outer person we call “self” lies the true essences of our being, silently waiting to be recognized and freed from its prison of unconsciousness.  As you travel through that mystical corridor, know that your life will be forever changed. 

A journey you won’t forget.  A step to exploring your mandalas within.

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