Aspects of a Multi-Talent

Reflect on Being a Multi-Talent with Clean Language


Explore each aspect of understanding, overcoming, developing, and connecting as a Multi-Talent.  Through using Clean Language you open to the exploration to go beyond preconceived notions.

Sample page: 

Impact of the World as a Multi-Talent

What does the world have to do with us as multi-talents?

What kind of impact is our family, culture, community, and/or place in history?

Part of how we define ourselves comes from the experiences we have lived.

And what kind of impact has the world have on us as multi-talents?

This is an individual question.  Has there been support, struggle, expectations, discoveries, challenges, mentoring, resources, blocks, opportunities, discouragement…?

And then what happens?

This is your story.  The purpose is to increase awareness of your experience and gain greater understanding.

And then we look at, is there relationship, and what kind of relationship, between the impact of family, culture, community, place in history, geography, etc. and who we are today?

What part of that impact, are we aware of? What part do we understand, and what part do we choose now to be part of who we are?

Sorting through the influences of the contributing factors of who we are today, gives us choice to determine and develop who we want to be.  Conscious knowledge is empowering.