As I have traveled on the road of mastery in many diverse areas, I sought guidance from those further along the road than I.  Whether it has been skills to accomplish projects/outcomes or the inner journey of self-knowledge, I have found those who could share perspectives and experience to assist with my further development.  Sometimes an ‘aha’ came from a child or novice seeing things with wonder and with open minds not yet formed.


As I reflect on the various paths I have traveled I recall crossroads and guides appearing at that point.  Both my parents have been guides through the years.  My father guided me with his love to try something new and different.  Then always finding ways to make the impossible possible.  My mother for having a joy of life not matter what challenges life threw her way; including, raising seven children while moving on average every 18 months as army dependents.


Yes the journey of constant relocation lead to a series of friends serving as mentors for adapting to ever changing situations and yet having threads of continuity.


On my personal inner journey and tied to my career or life contribution journey, I connected with an author/ coach and a group, brought together by her at a retreat.  We explored our inner story on what was our most impactful possibly painful experience and what solutions (gifts) could we offer to others with similar touch stones.  Each experience and solution/gift was unique.  However, the process brought us together with our guide and each of us contributing to the guidance.  The process included: nudging, support, accountability, information and resources.  The original group and connecting with other groups/individuals that have worked with this author/coach formed a tribe, a success team, a mastermind group.  Each of us has been available to the other to share expertise, support, encouragement and guidance.


A simple story is:  one of my “mentors” from this group nudged me, provided several perspectives to move me forward with testing to gain entrance into a national organization.  I hesitated.  I resisted.  I prepped and did not achieve the necessary outcomes on the practice test.  Finally with ongoing encouragement, I sat for the actual testing and yes passed with flying colors.


There are many more examples within this group of mentoring, as well as many other guides on my life’s journey.  It is being willing to learn, open to new ideas and feedback, as well as, engaging in self-growth that allows us to recognize the guides as they cross our life’s paths.  Simultaneously we can be available to others to use our knowledge and experience in guidance.


Let us seek and serve as guides on life’s journey.