Ask Me: What choice do I have with what is happening in the world?



“The world around us impacts us but doesn’t determine us.”

Edith Johnston PhD LPC


When we look at what is happening in the world we are talking – globally, regionally, and locally.  We are also talking about historically and in the present time.

All the events and circumstances that are happening or have happened are part of our collective experience.  How we integrate the occurrences into who we are is our choice.  The effect on us of the occurrences we experience and are aware of – depends on how we process, access, and integrate “it” into our Self.  What we determine as the importance and relevancy of the various incidents guides our integration into our persona.

The events, time in history, and what we experience are definitely a part of our composite being, but we can adjust the formula.  With conscious decisions of what are our values, beliefs, preferences and choice of expression we integrate the world around us to facilitate our desired outcomes for ourselves and how we engage in the world.

Will we always get it “right” for us and how we want to engage with others?  No.  However, by being aware we have choice we can make adjustments and determine our next actions.

We cannot control the world around us.  We can control our response and engagement.  When we make changes, even small ones, that creates change in ongoing relationships, interactions and following events.  Through awareness, being open, and engaging, we can take happenings, synchronicity, and coincidences and choose our actions / interactions.

We can choose!  And through conscious choice we come closer to our desired outcomes.  We can make a difference.

What is your experience?  What are your thoughts?  Share in the comments.  Let’s connect.