“Intrinsic motivation comes from our driving forces, that which is important to us.”

Edith D Johnston PhD LPC


Sometimes I can’t seem to get moving.  I never finish anything. I am so easily distracted.  I feel tired so much of the time.  I feel scattered.  Am I just plain lazy?

Does that conversation with yourself sound familiar?

We may seem to other people like we do so much and get so many things done.  Yet for us it seems like the ‘to do’ list continues to grow with very little being checked off.

We just can’t take on one more thing or pursue another interest.  Yet at the same time we want to embark on additional adventures, solve more problems, or do more projects.

How can we decide?  How can we be productive? How can we be consistent in our effort?

A starting point is to assess what is important to us.  Yes that means what are our priorities?  However, beyond that, what are our values?  Are they family, honesty, independence, career, wealth, friendship, etc.?  Define our top 10 values and rank them at this time.  Values are consistent over time.  The rank order of the values changes through our life continuum.

When we have clearly identified our values then we can ask relative to each decision:  Is this option in alignment with my values?  Or if we want to add a spark to get us moving we look at our ‘to do’ list and decide what on the list is in sync with our values (what is important).

When something is important it is easier to take the first step.  That first step is usually the hardest.  Once the stepping begins we benefit from the momentum.

Values are part of our driving force, our intrinsic motivation.  When we know our why, it is easier to take action.  When it is important to us and not just expected by us or of us we embrace whatever is required to make it happen.

Discover your why.  Discover what is important to you.  Define your values.  Reve your engine and make things happen one step at a time.


What is your experience?  What are your thoughts?  Share in the comments.  Lets connect.