“We start with awareness of our characteristics, genetics, attributes, intrinsic abilities.   Through that awareness we can gain Understanding”                                   Edith Johnston PhD LPC


We usually do not thoroughly explore the question:  Who am I?  We wonder.  We know what others say about us.  We know the obvious:  the color of our eyes and hair; how tall we are; how much we weigh; how old we are; where we live; and who composes our family.


However that does not answer the question:  Who am I?


It starts the answer relative to genetics and environment.  To further answer the question we need to delve into what makes us tick?  Yes, much has to do with our genetics and physiology.

How do we think?

How do we learn?

What do we do well?

Are we an introvert or an extrovert?

What is our way of expressing ourselves?

Do we ask lots of questions?

Do we have lots of ideas?

Do we see colors?

Do we hear music?

Can we recognize others’ feelings?

Do we have high energy?

Do our emotions run rapid?

Do we need to think about things?

Are we playful?

Are we serious?

Do we need alone time?

Do we need to be moving fairly constantly?


Yes, what are the characteristics that contribute to who we are?


What comes easily to us?

What do we struggle with?

What are our talents, abilities, passions, dreams, or desires?


What feels good to us via touch, smell, sound?

What do we avoid because it is too much for us… crowds, noise, textures, smells?


Are we quiet?

Are we loud?

Are we funny?

Are we confident?


What is the way we interact with others or our environment?


Are we slow?

Are we fast?

Are we coordinate or are we clumsy?


Can we read, write, do math or solve problems?


What are our preferences for food; urban/rural; small number of friends or lots of connections; casual or intimate relationships; and so forth?   And yes it can be both or all of the above!


Are we a day person or a night person?

Are we ever ready bunnies with 12-14 hours of productivity or do we do better at four hours and a break?

What keeps us going?

What guides our decisions?

What is our individuality, our uniqueness?

What do we have in common with others?


When we increase our understanding of who we are, we can then decide who we would like to become.  When we know ourselves, we can get to know others better.

When we know how we work internally we can figure out how to adapt, adjust, and ask for help.

When we understand ourselves we gain a better understanding of what it means to be human.  It is the foundation for our growth and development.  It is our starting point for functioning in the world and helping the world be a better place.


What are your thoughts?  How do explore who your are?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.