Literally I have just had cataract surgery.  I have gone from seeing 2 fingers at six feet to 20/40 vision in my left eye.  My right eye had been doing all the work.  The depth and breadth of vision is mine again.

I find a new look on life is an experience every morning.  Some mornings it is more literal than others.

Currently I am looking at another transition relative to income producing.  My first tendency is to integrate the change in my overall plan.  However, patience is required.  The details are not yet known.

I embrace change wholeheartedly.  On the other hand I am a planner.  I figure out how to make it happen.  Balance is an important component, too.  So sometimes integrating the change means other things need to be put on hold.  Then it is time to revisit or re-establish priorities.  Yep, that is another component of change.

A new look on life means for me – am I in tune with my values, my passions, my needs?  Flowing with the change and yet being conscious of the desired direction.  The elements of spontaneity, surprise and flexibility bring joy and concerns.  The fun is embracing the change, planning, adjusting and letting go.

Yes a new look on life happens each morning.  It can also be a result of a significant change.  How we engage with change depends on how well we know ourselves and flow with living life fully.

What is your experience of a new look on life?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.