Connect Eloquently with Strategies to Overcome

Daily experiences leave us wondering is something wrong with us?  … can we make it through another day (another situation, experience)? … can we be less than too much?  … can the sensations be calmed down?  … can all the expectations (mine or others) be met or achieved?

This way of experiencing life is our norm.  We have the ability to manage the experience.   To develop strategies, to manage, we need to connect and embrace our deep vast thoughts, feelings, and way of relating to the world.  We need to acknowledge the intensity and sensitivity with which we engage in life.  By knowing our Self we can connect with the experience and the strategies to manage the continuity of a flow.

The connection with strategies is to manage, not eliminate or discard our vast fullness of experience.  The pendulum swings to extremes and can always return to its center point.  When we know out center point and what methods work for us to return to center we can maintain the ongoing motion through all its extremes.  This is the simplest construct of overcoming the void, the intensity and the expectations.

Connecting with our Self is knowing our center point!  We acknowledge that living life fully engages diverse extremes as our norm.  We then develop strategies of connecting with our center point by utilizing a variety of tools:  music, nature, breathing, mindfulness, mind maps, drawing, writing, reading, pay, doodling, crafts, art, quiet, meditation, exercise, walking, biking, and the list goes on.

Connecting with Self can be in quiet, joy, compassion, (for self and others), comfort, delight, peace, happiness, contentment, and …  This connection allows us to create a pause in the chaos and recognize the beauty in all the experiences of living life fully.

Connect eloquently with strategies to overcome by finding tools to return to the center point.  Then feel free to experience the full swings of life’s experiences.


What strategies do you use?

Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.