A new series at Howtoinlife with Dr. Edith Johnston


Where do we start?  How do we?  Connect Eloquently?


Connect Eloquently:  establish successful interactions that are harmonious, effective and expressed clearly, fluently and appropriately.  


Connecting eloquently involves connecting with ourselves, connecting with others, and connecting the dots.


The process to cultivate eloquent connections is one of understanding, overcoming, developing, expressing and, yes, connecting.


The first step in the process is understanding.  We understand ourselves, others and the big picture through knowing how we are made.  Understanding genetic predispositions, innate characteristics, and traits provides a foundation.  We learn what make us, others and the world around us tick.

We further the understanding with becoming aware of and looking at perspective, values and beliefs.  Gathering information on what is important and the why behind the actions.  Another component is to understand the interplay of environment, society, community, family systems, geographical location, and point in time.

The next step is to identify what does not work well, the limitations, or the challenges.  IN the process once identified then explore methods to overcome through ways to manage the dynamics, modifications, or adaptations.  The intent is to create an asset out of a liability.  Also, assess expectations for validity and applicability in the situation.  This is implementing conscious choice relative to what is important.   Make decisions incongruence with values.

Move forward with developing individuals, collaborative groups and the connections.  To encourage and facilitate growth, lifelong learning and the journey of mastery are important components.  With all the various factors, dynamics, and demands it behooves one to develop balance.  Balance in life, systems and interactions.

Subsequently expression requires defining and doing.  Clarify the outcomes and format desired.  Construct the plan to achieve the results.  Experience the exuberance of the expression.

Finally the connection with self, others and the world is an eloquent reality. Communication and interactions flow in an integrated manner.  The advancement and growth of individuals, groups and the world flourishes with harmonious intention.  Possibly an ideal, however, a step in this direction continues the fine tuning.


How do you connect eloquently?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect!