Adjusting to Connect with Like Minds


Multi-Talents can experience the feeling of isolation; not being understood by anyone; and not being able to relate in general conversations.  It is important to identify and connect with like minds.

Finding like minds takes adjusting the usual withdrawing from people tendencies.  There needs to be a conscious search for like minds.  This search, like any search, is about knowing where to look.

Places to start looking are organizations, associations, clubs, or meet-up groups that have similar interests or areas of expertise.  Explore areas one excels or has a strong passion, curiosity, or interest in.  There are groups that gather on all kinds of topics and go to all kinds of events. Then there are social groups like Mensa.

Adjusting one’s perspective that there is no one like me, I am all alone to:  acknowledge one’s uniqueness and others with like minds to connect.  Connecting takes effort.  The reward can be energizing and validating.

Take a chance.  Risk a little.  Adjust, search and connect with like minds.

How have you connected with like minds?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.