Adjusting Communication to Connect with Others

We are talented.  We are brilliant.  And yet at times we do not apply those abilities to communicate effectively with others.

We have minds that race.  We have ideas galore.  We can see options for the big picture almost instantaneously.  However, others do not follow our line of thinking.

To connect with others we need to adjust our means of communication.  We can start by slowing down.  Yes, being aware of our rapid pace of thoughts and speaking, we can choose to slow down.  We can also adjust by breaking the ideas into smaller steps.  Another tool is to utilize the language of those we are communicating with.

All in all, we have the ability to communicate effectively.  We need to be aware of how we think and then deliberately adjust to communicate so we are understood.

What do you do to communicate effectively with everyone around you?

Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.