Adjusting to Mastery through Practice


We have many talents that come naturally to us.  However, development of these talents takes practice.  We embrace our expression by engaging with the intention to grow and develop.  It is a journey of mastery.  We adjust to the fact it is hard work.  There will be times of significant gain; times of plateau where not progress seems to be made and yet prepares us for that next upward climb.  There will also be times of downward slides.  These slides can involve integrating an aspect that does not come easy.  It can be about other priorities or demands require our attention.  The slides can also mean rest, rejuvenation, and balance is necessary in the moment.

We adjust to embracing the process, the journey, knowing the destination and perfection are not how to embrace our innate abilities.  We express exuberance in the journey of mastery.

How do you develop your talents?  How do you embrace the journey of mastery?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.