Adjusting–Expressing Me for Me


We hear so often that to do for ourselves is selfish.  Or, we hear not to share our talents with the world is selfish.  This is a myth.

We need to adjust our perspective that expressing for self is OK.  Expression of our talents is important for our being.  Expression in private brings joy to our lives.  That experience of joy carries over through our lives.  Our talents/gifts require an expression in any form and for any audience, even the audience of one, ourselves.

The need is strong to explore our various interests (quiet whispering of potential).  We can dabble here and there.  We can create or experience a broad spectrum for the fun of it.  It is about knowing and developing ourselves.  It is about living life fully.

Adjust your perspective and express.  How do you express yourself daily?  How you satisfy your curiosity?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.