Adjusting – Oh Yeah! That’s Intense


The brightness of colors everywhere

The melodies and counterpoints in nature and everyday hustle

The joy and the sadness

The delight and disappointment

The passion and the void

The engagement and the withdrawal

Each and every experience has its own degree of intensity.

“Too much” says the little voice within and on the air.

Adjusting our intensity allows us to engage more effectively.  Not in the sense of denying it as that is who we are.  However for our own balance we need to take a pause at times or interrupt the rapid pace of spiraling thoughts and emotions in order to keep going.  Also, to be able to make the impact we desire we need to adjust our intensity to communicate with others.

Intensity brings beauty and exuberance.  It also brings overwhelm and pain.  Knowing and experiencing the full spectrum of colors, sounds, or emotions is part of life.  In adjusting, we can and know when to return to center enabling our full engagement in life.

What has been your experience?  How do you adjust your intensity?  Share in the comments.  Let’s connect.