Adjusting – “Feeling Lost”


Inside we feel out of sync.

We feel we don’t fit in.

We have a void or are on the brink of an abyss.

We know there is more.

We question the meaning of life.

We feel lost to ourselves and lost among others.


How do we adjust to such deep feelings?


Acknowledgement of these experiences is an important place to start. Understanding experiencing life in this manner is about who we are.  To adjust we need to reach into our core which includes our uniqueness, that which makes us different.

We need to open our eyes, our heart, our being to the marvel we are and the marvels around us.  We need to reach out to others, like minds that can relate.  As well as reach out to others in general.  We need to connect.

Life experiences are a spiral.  We revisit what seems to be the same thing again and again.  But each experience, each new piece of information, each discovery, changes what we can draw on to adjust the feeling of being lost.

Recognize it, embrace it, integrate it, with who you are and continue living fully.


What is your experience?  What questions are you searching answers for?  Share in the comments.  Let’s connect.