Adjusting Expectations



  • A strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future
  • A belief that someone will or should achieve something
  • The act or state of looking forward or anticipating
  • Assumption, belief, destiny, possibility, intention, presumption, likelihood


Expectations can motivate us or discourage us.  Expectations come from within and without.  The process of identifying the expecta6tions that influence us and their source can give us choice.

There are expectations from teachers, parents, society, colleagues, etc.   Are these expectations in sync with our values, passions, goals?  Do they encourage us or create frustration?  Do they stir us on to stretch and grow or do they disillusion us?

Our own expectations of ourselves need to be assessed.  Are we expecting perfection?  Is our expectation that we won’t be good enough and we may be found out?

Yes expectation is looking forward to possibilities.  We need to check the expectations we hear and accept.  We need to adjust the expectations to be congruent with our values and dreams.  Adjusting the expectations can mitigate the stress and frustration.  Clarity of our expectations can bring motivation for our chosen goals.

What is your experience?  How do you perceive expectation for your life?  Share in the comments.  Let’s connect.