PathOur family, our culture, our community, and our place and time in history have an impact on who we are.  We respond to the influence of all these factors.  Our awareness of the impact allows us to make a conscious choice.  We can adjust the influence on us by choosing to act in accordance with our values and our priorities.  We can weigh the relevance and facts to our frame of being.

What are the dynamics of the world around us that have influenced our beliefs, our character, our view of the world?  What opportunities have been presented because of the time and place we live in the world, or the culture, family, community that we are part of?  How do we adjust these various lenses to see the world more clearly through our own eyes?  What perspective do we desire to have or supports our values, passions, and intentions?

Being aware is our first step of the impact the world around us has.  Assessing how that influence and impact affects us and our decisions is the next step.  Weighing each impact, its relative truth from our perspective and values is the next step for adjusting how these factors are integrated in our lives.  We have a choice.

How will you look at the world around you today?  How do you assess and integrate the impact of the world around you?  What choices will you make for who you are and who you are becoming?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.  Let’s connect.