The Language of Joyful with Acey & Tyro

Acey Tyro Exploring Pg 1

Joy can be beaming from ear to ear in a wide grin.  Joy can have us doing a celebration dance.  Joy can be an energetic expression of delight.  There are times with our intense exuberant expression we overwhelm those around us.  Joy is a stimulating experience of energy, creativity, and playfulness.  It can also bring a reaction of we are “too much”.  Thus we may tone down our joyful reaction.  We may also experience a crash after the joy.  We may decide we do not deserve being joyful.  However, just as the sunsets and rises again, experiencing joy is an important part of our life cycle.

Acey says:  When we feel in the ‘joyful’ family we can be excited, amused or delighted.  Things that fascinate or stimulate us can bring the sparkle in our eyes and happy bubbles to our tummy.   We are infused with energy which can be contagious.  Others either join in with our celebration or back away because we seem to be going overboard.

Celebrating and knowing our happy thoughts are important.  They are our sunshine moments and provide opportunity to squeal with glee.

Dr. Edith says:  Joy is the bountiful harvest of engaging in life fully.  Joy, delight, and enthusiasm are being aware of the beauty in the moment.  Joy is the celebration along the journey and in the moments of accomplishment.  Joy is the giving, receiving, and sharing.

The intense energetic exuberance we express when we are joyful does have an impact on others.  As in the smile and the laugh, it can be contagious.  It can also have a response from others of judgement, disdain, or disbelief.  We need to honor our feeling of joy, not minimize it and yet be thoughtful in our expression.  Where and how we express needs to be considered, so that, we encourage sharing the joy and not creating options for doors to close to joy.

We also need to honor the joy and be comfortable when we ‘come down off the high’.  We need to allow for a transition experience.  Just like a race car we cannot go full on without times to refuel.  Recognize joy, experience joy, share joy, and flow with the cycle to refuel for the next great ride.