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We have so many things we want to explore.  We are drawn to create in whatever format our talents lay.  However, we may for our own reasons want to keep the creation for ourselves.  Putting it out into the worlds is not our preference.

Or we may have a good enough job and for our own well-being we create.  The creations are for our personal pleasure and expression.  We get feedback at times to share our talents.  However, that is not required.  By expressing ourselves privately it feeds our soul which gives us the ability to contribute to the world.

Expressing our multi-talents is what is important.  Just for us is just fine.  Enjoy the expression.  Feel the joy, be the joy, smile, grin, giggle, laugh out loud, enjoy lots of laughter, love ourselves with laughter, and embrace the love of laughter – LOL

What will you do today to express your talents for your eyes only?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.


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