yellow hat head circle cropThere is not enough time or enough of me to handle everything in my life.  With all my passions, emotions, and responsibilities, there just is not enough to go around.

Have you ever said that?  We think we can do it all and do it all by ourselves.  We also think we need to do for everyone else.  Yet, to for ourselves, is not acceptable.  We give others advice to take care of themselves, make choices, do what matters, but we expect ourselves to do it all.

That is a little ridiculous.  Yes, laugh out loud.

We have limited resources.  We have the same number of hours in the day as everyone else.  We Need to balance the in and out flows.  We need to be able to recharge.  We can allow ourselves to say no.  We can make choices on what is important to us.

The saying, “running around like a chicken with its head cut off” is a fairly accurate picture.  Yet it brings a smile to our face and a little laugh.  That is just what we need.

For recharging one option is a special form of yoga – laughing yoga.  True belly laughing – it is contagious.  We can have something to laugh at or we can choose just to laugh.  Practicing smiling and laughing bring balance to our lives.  And at the same time we practice we spread the joy.

So smile, grin, giggle, laugh out loud, enjoy lots of laughter, love ourselves with laughter, and embrace the love of laughter – LOL

What will you do today bring balance to your life?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.

happy face