Perspectives – Be Aware, Make a Choice

feather pic 2When we feel like we are in a rut or up against a brick wall, we can take a closer look and make a new choice.  The saying goes; if you keep doing the same thing do not expect the results to be different.  Also, if there is that feeling things are not fitting correctly, we may need to assess what is happening and how to approach it differently.

The change may be simply changing our perspective – asking the questions is this of value to me, what are the facts, what are the possibilities, what is my emotional tie to the situation, and/or if I was a little bird on my shoulder what would they see and hear?

Remember the story of the blind men and the elephant?  Or do you remember the picture of the old woman and the young woman?  Each describes various perspectives.  Stopping, breathing, listening (to others and our own thoughts/emotions), observing objectively, opening to possibilities and options will lead to forming a perspective that changes our engagement. We are not looking at changing everything to a rosy perspective.  However, with more information how we are looking at things will change.  Then we can make choices in how we want to approach the interaction, situation, or issue.  Remembering to ask what is important to us, let’s us act in accordance with our values, mission, purpose, passion and talents.  We can come more easily from a point of balance, calm, centeredness to give.

Just stop and ask yourself what part of the elephant are you holding, and what is the big picture?  This may include your health and well-being.  This may include increasing your understanding the perspectives others hold.  This may include letting go and not holding on to a specific perspective.

What will you look at or experience differently today?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.