yellow hat head circle cropWe are exuberant, excitable, intense, energetic, and enthusiastic in our presence and expression.  Oh my, the responses we get are –that was brilliant, over the top, or too much.  As a child we may be indulged as that is so cute and then as adults shunned because it overly done and thus seen as inappropriate.  Yet, the intensity is admired or tolerated in settings involving creativity or passion.  Our insatiable curiosity and passion to press the limits has us living on the wild side.

We experience life in technicolor and multi-dimensional.  We sense the world around us with hypersensitivity whether it be audible, visual, tactile, emotive, taste or smell.

The intensity of the sensations can bring us discomfort or delight.  The delight triggers laughter and glee.  The wild side leads to exhilaration, flow, discoveries beyond imagination and fullness of life.  What fun.

So….  Smile, grin, snicker, giggle, laugh out loud, enjoy lots of laughs, love ourselves with laughter, and embrace the love of laughter – LOL.

What are some of your experiences on the wild side?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.

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