Not Understood with Acey & Tyro

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We do and say things others do not understand.  We solve problems and cannot show how, or do it totally different than expected.  We need to move around, have dimmed lights, or less noise.  We have difficulties with certain textures or things against our skin.  We have lots of questions.  We easily cry.  Our peers don’t see what is obvious to us.  Our peers don’t get what we are talking about.  We are not understood.

Acey says:  Slow down a minute.  Stop and look at yourself.  Let’s try to figure out how we work.  Then it will be easier for us to be understood by showing and sharing how we work.  Just like puzzle pieces each of us are different and connect in different ways.  We need to stop, listen, and watch so we can understand others, also.  We are smart.  We have quick minds.  We take in a lot and then react.  We need to breathe and slow down to take in the different ways others are seeing what is happening. We need to understand and help others understand.  We may not understand and that is ok.  We can ask for help.

Dr. Edith says:  As we observe and engage with others we need to be open to changing our perspectives.  We want to minimize assumptions, labels, and covering up what we don’t understand.  We need to understand more factors contributing to the misunderstanding.  We can ask more questions.  We can listen and observe closer.  We can try and provide different solutions.  We can recognize adjustments are ongoing with greater understanding by us and by the individual not being understood.  The brilliance is in acknowledging the abilities, the differences, the sensitivities and the need through gaining understanding and facilitating understanding.