Not Good Enough with Acey & Tyro

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Whatever we are doing we critique to see if it is perfect.  We usually respond, ‘it’s not good enough’.  We have high standards and high expectations.  If it comes easy, must not be good enough.  We experience frustrations, self-doubt, and at times the inability to start for fear of not producing perfection.  Then there is the Edison quote – “I have not failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Acey says:  Having high standards and expectations can motivate us to do our best.  We want to strive for excellence which is beyond sufficient and not perfection.  We are on a journey of mastery which takes practice, failing, improving, and continued growth.  We want to try to discover what we can do and what to learn.  It is a creative adventure.

Dr. Edith says:  To be able to say with high standards, ‘it is good enough’, allows us to objectively look at the results, the process, and potential for improvement.  Learning how to learn and the art of mastery develops the process for excellence and growth.  Stimulus is one of our needs.  Perfectionism and the imposter syndrome can be our nemesis.  Creating an attitude and environment with curiosity, creativity, trial and error, learning, and journey of mastery lets us discover and express our multi-talents with peaceful joy.