Multi-Talented, What’s Next? –LOL

yellow hat head circle cropWe have many talents, abilities, gifts and interests.  These all come naturally.  To further develop and explore our talents we need stimulus, resources, practice and application.  To experience excellence and move forward on the journey of mastery requires a dedication and deliberate action to our talents and passions.

We will need to laugh at all our less then successful attempts.  We need to realize that part of the fun is in trying, exploring, pushing our limits and comfort zone and going beyond what comes easy.  Oh yes, there will be frustration and disappointment.  And we will be a long way from perfect.  However, with the joy of the journey we can reach beyond our expectations.  We can grow inwardly and in our expression of our talents.

So yes at times it can feel like a grindstone.  And at other times we will experience the flow and delve into the challenge of the moment.  One form of relief is laughter.  And one way of expressing the joy is laughing out loud with exuberance.

So smile, grin, giggle, laugh out loud, enjoy lots of laughter, love ourselves with laughter, and embrace the love of laughter – LOL

What will you delve into today and practice with determination?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.

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