It’s Not Finished with Acey & Tyro

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We have laser focus for areas we are interested in and passionate about.  We can delve into one or our specific areas and not want to come out.  We get involved in a project and know there is more and it can be better.  We can become irritated if bothered or if it is not perfect.  We are singularly focused at this moment.  We will return to this area of interest repetitively even with interruptions.  It’s not finished.  There is more.  It’s not perfect.

Acey says:  It is so exciting to pursue something that thoroughly fascinates us.  We want to learn as much as we can.  We want to create or produce the most perfect results.  We are so focused nothing can re-direct us.  This laser focus is very helpful at times – like when we, owls, are hunting or when there is something specific to accomplish.  However, we need to be wise and recognize excellence is not perfection; that we are more than this one interest; also there is a whole wide world we are part of.  We do not have to finish with perfection.  We can be finished for the moment and return, or move on.

Dr. Edith says:  Even as multi-talents we can have singular focuses at times.  The frustration comes with expecting perfection, complete resolution, or total immersion.  The benefits come from being in the flow and immersed to be totally energized.  A challenge is recognizing the impact of all or nothing thinking and the difference in pursuing mastery.  We need to learn when to let go as good enough, and wisely choose the engagement of perseverance, laser focus, and passion with our multi-faceted lives.  We can ask is it finished for this moment, this purpose and choose to let go, feel complete knowing re-engaging is always a choice.