Thankful with Acey & Tyro

Friday Fun cover


We are thankful for family and friends.  Thankful for things we have, food, water, shelter.  We are thankful for our abilities and to be able to let go.  Cultivating gratitude is foundational for character, justice/equality for all, peace and joy.

Acey says:  Paying attention to all the little things that contribute to health, safety, companionship, and joy helps us to grow and connect.  Childlike wonder and curiosity helps us stay in the moment and notice things.  By noticing little things, lets us not take anything for granted.  By being aware we can say thank you.

Dr. Edith says:  An attitude of gratitude brings balance with healthy thoughts and actions to our lives.  A daily practice of writing what you are thankful for keeps gratitude in the fore front.  Showing appreciation for others – family, friends, co-workers, spreads the attitude of gratitude.  Joy and peace fuel our spirit.

Thank you for listening and sharing the wise words of Acey and Tyro.