Family, Culture, Place and Time – LOL

yellow hat head circle cropOur families, culture, and place/time we live contribute to who we are.  Experiencing fun times with family and friends can bring laughter throughout the years.  Then there are the moments we goofed, flopped, failed, or embarrassed ourselves.  These too, can bring laughter if not in the moment, a little later.  Shared laughter is healing, stress reducing, and facilitates communication.

As we grow and change we look at our culture.  There are traditions that have great meaning and bring joy.  There are others that are laughable and we wonder how they ever came about.  Yet those laughable traditions, cultural quirks may have been to help us lighten up, laugh at ourselves, reduce tension, or celebrate after hard work.

We laugh at times because we understand the story.  We have been there too.

Where we are in each moment of our experiences relative to place and time creates opportunities and perspectives.  We can have our eyes wide open and many not see or, see beyond what is there.  Focusing on the rays of light and hope – possibilities, bring a smile and maybe a chuckle of surprise.

Yes with opening ourselves to seeing how family, culture, time and place affect us, we may laugh out loud with humor or hysterics of the situation.  Explore this facet of who we are and then….

Smile, grin, snicker, giggle, laugh out loud, enjoy lots of laughs, love ourselves with laughter, and embrace the love of laughter – LOL.

What is laughable about your experience with family, culture, time and place?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.

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