Expectations with Acey & Tyro

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We have expectations of ourselves and others have expectations of us.  Many times because we are smart we are expected to be able to do anything and everything by ourselves.  These expectations are not accurate or real.  We also have expectations about things that will happen and we are going to do and that is exciting.

Acey says:  We can look forward to things to happen.  We can also be anxious about things or ways we feel obligated to perform.  We and others can have high standards for us; like high achievement in all areas or perfection.

We need to ask questions.  Whose expectations are these – ours or others?  Are the expectations encouraging or discouraging?  Do the expectations consider our abilities and our challenges?  We need to ask, is this reasonable or necessary?  And know that the answer NO is okay.

Dr. Edith says:  Expectations can be motivating to achieve one’s best.  However, many expectations become “should dos” versus belief in the possibility.  Meeting expectations is not required.  Yet, we want to be the best we can be.  We benefit by looking at expectations as options and making conscious choices not auto responses.

We want to use expectations to motivate us to grow toward our potential.  We do not want to use expectations as ultimatums for perfection or all or nothing attitude.

Expectations can give us something to anticipate and look forward to.  Expectations do not need to be required results.  Like Acey says, we need to ask questions; to include, What is it we want to do?  What is enjoyable?  What is excellence?  What is it we desire to work toward mastery?  What is enough?  What does not work for us?  What is not for us?  What can we do with help?

Expect possibilities and yet do not feel obligated to meet all expectations.